USS Batfish

USS Batfish Crew Training off Long Island, August, 1943

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USS Batfish

Dry docked War Memorial Park in Muskogee, OK

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Museum Relocation?

Is the USS Batfish moving?

So, what is going on?  What is the status of the USS Batfish?  Will we be able to tour the submarine again?

Club Projects

We are not just members of the Radio Club.  We are volunteer stewards of War Memorial Park.  Come join us on one of our work parties to help keep up the park.



Being part of the USS Batfish ARC is not like joining a local club.  At the USS Batfish we get on the air and promote history.  We help maintain the park. We remind the world of what we lost during World War II.  Come join us and help with our mission.

Sailor killed in Pearl Harbor attack identified by DNA more than 80 years later

For 82 years, Mess Attendant 3rd Class (Matt3c) David Walker’s name was listed at the Walls of the Missing at the Punchbowl in Honolulu, Hawaii. His remains were finally identified in November 2023. David is a cousin to one of our Club Members, Horace Wellons.

The date of the attack was Dec. 7, 1941. Walker was assigned to the battleship USS California, which was docked at Ford Island, Pearl Harbor. 

“The USS California sustained multiple torpedo and bomb hits, which caused it catch fire and slowly flood. The attack on the ship resulted in the deaths of 103 crewmen, including Walker,” DPPA said in a press release.  DPPA said from Dec. 1941 to April 1942, Navy personnel recovered the remains of the crew members who were killed. They were buried in the Halawa and Nu’uanu Cemeteries in Hawaii.  In Sept. 1947, the American Graves Registration Service (AGRS) dug up the remains of the soldiers after being tasked with recovering and identifying the fallen U.S. personnel. The remains were transferred to the Central Identification Laboratory at Schofield Barracks.

“In addition to the 42 casualties from the USS California initially identified after the attack, the laboratory staff was only able to confirm the identifications of 39 men from the USS California at that time,” said DPPA. Following that, AGRS buried the remains of the unidentified members at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific (NMCP), known as the Punchbowl, in Honolulu.

“In October 1949, a military board classified the remains of the unresolved crew members, including Walker, as non-recoverable,” said DPPA. Then in 2018, DPPA exhumed 25 USS California Unknowns from the Punchbowl for analysis. Walker was included in that analysis.

“To identify Walker’s remains, scientists from DPAA used anthropological and dental analysis. Additionally, scientists from the Armed Forces Medical Examiner System used mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) analysis,” said DPPA.

On Nov. 27, 2023, Walker was identified. 

Walker’s name spent decades on the Walls of the Missing at Punchbowl, along with others missing in WWII. The DPPA said a change will be made to his memorial.

“A rosette will be placed next to his name to indicate he has been accounted for,” DPPA said.

Walker will be buried on Sept. 5, 2024, at the Arlington National Cemetery.

Pictures from some of our past events


How a World War II Submarine works

Check out this 3D animation video by Jacob O’Neal.  A thorough examination of a WWII submarine. This creation is a generalized model taken from Gato and Balao class boats.